Sunday, February 20, 2011

iPhone + Camera App = Fun!

I finally upgraded my not-so-smart phone to an iPhone 4 a week after Christmas. I have to say it's an incredible device and I have had a lot of fun using it. What I didn't expect was how much I would love using the camera.


There are a plenty of iPhone camera apps to choose from buy currently my two favourites Instagram and Hipstamatic. Of the two I use Instagram the most. It's a really fun and simple way to grab some great frames on-the-fly and post them to your favourite social media sites.

With my iPhone I now have a good camera on my person nearly all the time and because of this I have found myself making even more pictures. And I think even more important is that I am not worrying about ensuring everything is just perfect before grabbing the frame. Instead, I am focused on getting the picture and that is a very good thing.

Like Chase Jarvis says, "the best camera is the one that's with you".


Keep shooting.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Woah! What Happened to January??

Back on January 4th I posted to my blog that I was going to use the month to post a series of personal for the New Year and beyond. I liked the idea of calling them "intentions" rather than "resolutions" as the latter seem to carry of stigma of never being met. Well, looks like my intentions fell off the rails too as my last post was January 5th.

I'm really not sure where January and most of February have gone. Was I caught in some kind of winter doldrum? Perhaps. Or was I simply lazy? Maybe. Either way I'm back with renewed energy and just in time to drop another intention for this year. So without further a do I bring you intention number two: clean as you go. OK. Good. Now what does that mean? Well, by clean as you go I mean keep up with proper management of images. For the latter half of 2010 as my 365 project came to a close I found myself getting really lazy editing and deleting unwanted shots after a shoot. After a few months of neglect a reasonably simple task became a daunting one and with that it was easy to put off.


So, going forward, the intention is simple - clean as you go. After a shoot, offload the pictures, back them up and immediately cull the bad ones and tag and rate the good ones. Pretty simple and a *huge* time saver in the long run if you're disciplined enough to stick with the plan.

I have not been sticking with the plan so I have a lot of work to do. Until next time, keep shooting.