Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Like My New Hat...

I got a new hat last week. I thought it would make a good prop for stock pictures and, you know, just generally wearing around town.

I took it out for a spin today and shot some stock. I like it.

Man in Fedora with Coffee Cup

Keep shooting.


Jen and I picked up a cute birdhouse for her mom on the weekend.

I just had to grab some pictures for stock before giving the gift.


Keep shooting.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crocuses at Canada Olympic Park

Last week Jen and I met some friends at Canada Olympic for a bike ride and I managed to get a shot of the beautiful wild crocuses.

Sunset at Canada Olympic Park

Normally when I got out riding I rarely take camera gear but on this particular day I wanted to try out my new Lowepro Flipside Sport 20L AW. I have had the bag for just over a week and I absolutely love it! It has quality construction, it is very light and it stows just the right amount of gear. So far I have taken it on a few walks about town and a couple of bike rides and I am extremely pleased with its performance. It was a very good purchase.

After our first lap we took a quick break and I popped on the backpack full of camera gear. I wanted to try a few action shots and test out the backpack's performance as we completed a second lap. We were almost done our ride when I came across this cluster of crocuses as the sun was just starting to set. I pulled off the trail and set up for a shot.

Jen grabbed a shot of me while I was shooting the wild flowers.

Me in Action

Keep shooting.