Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Not About the Picture

I have a lot of these pictures.


It's my beautiful partner Jen, holding a light meter and smiling for the camera while I check the accuracy of the lighting set up. Even though the smiling part is optional, she is typically smiling. Heck, even the part about helping me at a photo shoot in the first place is optional but she still does that too. She helps me lug and set up gear, she herds unruly kids and adults, she adjusts outfits and hair and lots of times reminds me about things I am liable to forget.

She does all this because she loves and support me and for that I am ever so grateful.

Keep shooting.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Need Better Gloves...

It was a frosty evening, about -30 degrees Celsius with the wind chill but I decided to venture out anyhow and try to capture some of the amazing colour at the new LRT station on the West end of downtown Calgary.

I tried a few different locations before settling on the piece of curved track where the trains exit and enter the downtown core. It was a great spot. The worst part of the endeavour is waiting for the trains to come, especially in the very chilly night air. Sometimes though, patience is rewarded and you get a couple of trains at once.


I was only out there for about and my hands were aching from the cold by the time I made my way home but it was totally worth it.

Keep shooting.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

West LRT Line Opens!

I have watched the West LRT for three long years while it was being constructed, waiting eagerly for it to open so I could get out there and make some pictures. I finally had my chance tonight.


I only had a chance to visit two stations: Shaganappi Point and Sunalta. This picture was taken at Sunalta station, which is really incredible. I am excited to explore the line more looking for interesting shots.

Keep shooting.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Love the Easy Ones...

I did some family pictures tonight, which were great, but took a little more effort to organize and align kids and then get everyone to smile nicely on cue. It's the way it is, it can be hard work and I love the challenge but I also love the easy ones.


After the family shoot was done I was asked to take a few shots of another person. And that was all I took to get a great shot - three frames. So awesome.

I love the easy ones.

Keep shooting.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Nice "Test" Shot

A lot of my test shoots around the house start out with the same question - "hey, Jen can I borrow you for a second?". The "second" turned in to something like an hour but both of us liked the result in the end, even though it was really just a test.

I have a family Christmas shoot coming up this Friday and I just wanted to play around with a couple of ideas to prepare. These kind of things always take a bit longer than I expect but a little preparation goes a long ways to getting a great finished product so I am happy to put in the time.


Even though we are not wearing our finest Christmas duds, we still may use the picture because, well, we kind of roll pretty casual all the time anyhow and it turned out pretty nice.

Keep shooting.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Patience on the Bridge

I don't have a lot of patience. However, I have learned that if you want to make good pictures, patience is a prerequisite.

I spent nearly an hour today hanging out on Calgary's Peace Bridge in the fading daylight waiting for my pictures. It didn't come easy. I was waiting for cyclists and/or runners. I preferred them to come in to the frame on camera left but I wasn't a stickler about that. Most of the runners stuck to the sides, which they should, but that didn't work for the shot. I needed them to run where the cyclists ride. Then I got picky about colour. I liked brighter, more colourful clothing but I didn't always get it. And then when I had all my criteria set it was up to me to make sure the exposure was correct and my timing was good to catch them at the right spot. I often missed both.

However, I was patient and eventually I got one, this one.


It was close but I have some ideas for next time.

Keep shooting.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

West LRT

I really enjoy night photography in the city and I just love taking pictures of the Calgary Transit Trains (CTrains). Living downtown makes this very accessible for me and tonight I braved the elements to make some pictures and scope out some future locations.

Earlier today I had to run an errand in the west end of downtown and I noticed that Calgary Transit was testing the new West LRT line. After darkness fell, I had the itch to go out and make some pictures and I was hoping that they would still be testing the new tracks. I was in luck, the trains were still running. Unfortunately, due to a technical issue, the trains were only running on one side of the tracks and that limited my opportunities but it was still fun to get out there.


I can't wait for the new line to open on December 10th.

Keep shooting.