Friday, August 14, 2009

I like old stuff.

I like old stuff. Old buildings, cars, machines - whatever. If it's been around for a few decades and shows some good wear and tear then I'm all over it!

On our recent camping trip in to BC, Canada I digressed from my usual tactic of keeping the gas pedal depressed until reaching the destination and actually took some time to "smell the roses". It made for some interesting shots.


The two photos above were from a coffee shop in Nakusp, B.C. The lighting was some sick combination of tungsten, daylight and fluorescent - fluorescent being the dominant light. White balance on fluorescent seemed to give the best results but not perfect. I should have hauled out the grey/white card but I forgot I had it.

These next few shots were from Silverton, B.C. The first from a coffee shop called the "Cup and Saucer", I believe. They had wireless Internet - score!


The door shot was taken right beside the coffee shop - my favourite. It was an overcast day so the giant softbox was provided by nature.


Old stuff. I love it!

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