Sunday, March 13, 2011

Band on the Run...

I did my first ever band shoot today. It was nothing extravagant but it sure was a lot of fun.

The location we chose was a small, 1970's style lounge that was part of a restaurant. It kind of had the "urban hippie" look we were trying to achieve. Myself and the lead singer scoped out the location a couple nights before the shoot. My only real worry was the large bank of south facing windows that had no coverings. I suppose the other minor worry was that we had to be in and out in two hours. I know two hours seems like a lot of time but it's not, especially when you factor in the set up and take down of the equipment.

Once we got on site we quickly picked our spot and began setting up the equipment. Because we scoped out the location the day before I was prepared and brought a roll of black seamless to flag the ambient streaming in from the large bank of south facing windows - it worked like a charm!

The shoot itself was very organic. I fed the group a couple of ideas and let them run with it. It turned out to be a much more efficient and natural process rather than trying to sculpt the perfect pose. Lots of sincere smiles and laughs (me too) made for some classic shots like the one below.

_MG_7915 (cross process)

Keep shooting.

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