Saturday, April 30, 2011

Purple Punch

The other day, I had the great privilege to photograph my good friend and truly amazing yoga instructor Jeff Mah. Jeff has started down a new path lately and needed some shots for his new website. I was only too happy to oblige his request.

After some discussion we decided that we needed some simple head and shoulders-type shots and perhaps a few other goofy, candid frames. Above all I needed to capture his character. The only other decision was what colour of background. I had a few choices - cherry, buttercup, royal purple, sky-blue and of course the standard black and white basics. Jeff decided on purple. I never stress to much about "does this colour go with that" decisions, even though we ended up putting Jeff in a green shirt on a purple background. Does that technically work? I don't know. Does it look good? I certainly think so! And, as my clever partner Jen said, "a purple flower has a green stem, so why not?". The logic sounded good to me.

So off we went shooting green on purple. It's fun, it's punchy and it certainly is vibrant - all qualities of Jeff's character.

Keep shooting.

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