Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just a Little Flick of Light...

I worked on some more proof-of-concept shots tonight, trying to work out the perfect lighting for an upcoming project. The previous night's set up was pretty basic - single 580EX II flash firing through a 24" inch softbox. Tonight, I took that basic set up and stuck a 4x6 foot Lastolite panel in front of it. Basically turning my 24" softbox in to a much bigger light source. And, as we all know, bigger equals softer.

I was loving what I was seeing. The light was just a touch creamier than the night before. Gorgeous!


There was only one thing missing. I needed a splash more light on the jewelry. Enter the gridded snoot. I picked up a Flashpoint (Adorama's in-house brand) snoot from Adorama last year. It is the perfect tool when you want to add just a flick of light to a small part of the frame. Here is what the snooted light added all by itself.


Just a flick and just what I needed.

Keep shooting.

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  1. Great to see the results of using one of Adorama's Flashpoint snoots - and delighted to read that you are so pleased with it.

    BTW if you ever need advice or after-sales support with any order from Adorama Camera, I'm only ever an email away:

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