Friday, March 16, 2012

Yeah, I Did...

I bought the "new" iPad. But before to go thinking I'm just one of those Apple fanatics that will buy anything the Cupertino based company produces, please let me explain.

Before embarking on my photographic journey I spent 22 years of my working life in Information Technology. And, never once during that span did I ever spend time waiting in line for any "must have" gadget. The one and only time I waited in line was last year when Apple released the iPad 2.

The iPad 2 was my first tablet and has easily been one of my favorite gadgets EVER! I have used it every single day since I purchased it, and typical usage can be hours per day. I use it for writing, blogging, researching, reading, watching videos, surfing the web and the occasional game or two. It has accompanied me on trips and vacations and I even take it to photo shoots.

So why did I decide to upgrade? One simple feature - the retina display. The iPad 2 has been incredibly useful but when it came to photography, it came up a tiny bit short. It lacked the definition I needed to check my images in the field for sharpness and flaws. Now, with the new iPad's incredible retina display I can see every little detail and feel confident my work will look just as good when I get the images back to my Mac. So awesome.

And if you didn't think a screen could make that much of a difference, look as this shot comparing the new iPad with the iPad 2.


Keep shooting.

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