Sunday, July 22, 2012

Calgary Stampede Fireworks, Part III

Last Sunday marked the end of the 2012 (centennial) edition of the Calgary Stampede and also marked the end of my fireworks shooting, at least for a little while.

In keeping with my theme of trying to discover and shoot from different locations during the 10 day event, I found myself shooting right from the Stampede grounds. It was my intention to find a spot that incorporated some of the action of the park with the amazing fireworks show. I had a lot of time to kill before the fireworks began so I started taking pictures of the midway. I really got lost in the moment and didn't do a good job of tracking the time. When I finally did, I had about 30 minutes to go before show time. As I searched around for a good spot, I checked the time again, now I only had about 10 minutes before the fireworks. Turns out the big clock on the grounds was wrong! My pace quickened and my search became more desperate. Everywhere I turned I could see people filling up the "good" spots. I saw nothing I really liked. But finally, on a last minute gamble I decided to set up on the outdoor concourse that wraps around the southeast part of the Saddledome. It was all I had.

Only minutes after I set up the first few preliminary bursts shot in to the sky marking that the grandstand show was concluding and the main fireworks event would be close behind. I used those bursts to adjust my settings and frame my shot. This is what I got.


It wasn't the best location nor was it the best shot but I did get something I liked. And, like they say, there's always next year.

Keep shooting.

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