Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Hour in the City

Making pictures in the city after the sun goes down is one of my photography favourites. I went out on Friday night to see if I could get a picture of something I saw the night before on my way to hockey. I came pretty close.

On Thursday night I was just pulling out of downtown, heading south, just after sunset and looked back to see the downtown towers glowing as they bathed in this gorgeous, warm light. The warm light was also illuminating the newly constructed CTrain platform just west of the core. And, best of all, dark clouds hung over the core, increasing the colour and saturation of the light and providing this amazing contrast. I wanted that picture.

On Friday night I set out to get the shot. The light was close but not as good as the night before and my location was OK but not quite the vantage point I had the previous night. Still though, it was decent light and a pretty good shot.


The best part is there will be many, many more opportunities to find a better spot and that perfect light.

Keep shooting.

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