Thursday, January 31, 2013

Keeping With a Theme...

In early January I made a post about trying some different things to kick off a new year. About a week after that I trekked out late on a cold snowy night to work on that same theme.

I focused on a structure close to home, Calgary's Peace Bridge. I cannot even begin to imagine how many times that bridge has been photographed since it opened. Nearly every time I cross it, I see someone snapping photos. I have taken dozens of pictures of it myself and browsed through countless others. So many of them are unique but so many of them are much the same. When I ventured out on a crisp January night, I wanted to capture something a bit unqiue.

My first keeper shot was a scene I had passed by countless times before but never photographed. On this particular night a cloudy sky was all aglow from the city's light pollution and the freshly fallen snow joined together to create a uniquely surreal scene. I chose to shoot from further away with a wide angle lens to dimmish the bridge's dominance in the frame.


My second shot was taken not very far from the first. I noticed an abandoned shopping cart, likely too hard to push through the snow, and I loved its juxtaposition next to the new, costly and atheistically pleasing structure.


By the time I had finished my second shot my toes and hands were freezing, it was late and I briskly walked back home to warm up and download my bounty.

Keep shooting.

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