Saturday, February 16, 2013

Funky Colours...

I had a mission on Thursday night. I wanted to grab a night shot of the ongoing demolition of the old Herald building in the heart of downtown Calgary. The building is about seventy-five percent demolished, which is great because the really interesting innards are exposed but it also meant there wasn't much time left to capture it.

Getting to the site is a short trip from my downtown condo and a quick dash up six flights of stairs to get to the top of a nearby parking structure for a better vantage point. As I reached the top floor of the parking garage my anticipation of getting a picture instantly vanished. The site was vacant and dark. There was no demolition happening on this particular night and there was no light.

Instead of sulking and walking back home, I decided to move to a different location. Just a block away was the Wonderland sculpture at The Bow, so I wandered over there, took a few shots but then another idea hit me.

I have been wanting to grab some pictures of the new-ish 4th Street SE underpass at night but had not yet made the time to do so. This was the night. Bad luck quickly turned in to good luck because there was also a Flames home game on this particular night and that meant plenty of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, which was exactly what I wanted.


Awesome. Keep shooting.

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