Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ah Ha!

I had one of those "ah ha" moments while shooting my 365 shot for tonight. It is exactly what I wrote a few months ago about a change in perspective.

I was satisfied with tonight's shot and started taking pictures of my set up when the "ah ha" moment struck. I saw a wonderful, new perspective that I liked so much more than my initial composition. The first composition is below.


Oh, that is so me! Get in tight on the subject and fill the frame with the important stuff. But after backing up to get my set up shot I noticed a whole new perspective and one that I found much more pleasing visually than the first.

124/365 (Breakfast of Champions)

This is a little bit of a departure from my style. As I said above, I love to get in tight and fill the frame. In my keeper shot for the night I backed up quite a bit and left a ton (a ton for me) of white space at the top. I was totally digging it and it's what I enjoy so much about my exploration in photography. I always learn something each and every time I put the camera to my eye.

Keep shooting.

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