Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Handsome Fella...

I took some quick shots of my Canon 40D today. Nothing too fancy, just a bit of light from behind and a bit from the side. I needed these shots because I am going to be selling my trusty 40D, which has served me faithfully for nearly four years.

I picked up the 40D in late 2008. It was my second DSLR. My first was a Canon Rebel XTi. The 40D was my first prosumer camera and it was an amazing beast. It was built like a tank, it was pretty speedy (at the time), focus was great and best of all it took fantastic pictures.

Me and my 40D made a lot of pictures together until my 5D Mark II came along about a year and a half later. Once I got the 5D, the 40D was relegated to backup and saw little to no action. Occasionally, I would take it along to events so I could shoot with two different lenses without swapping but those events were rare. Regardless of its infrequent use, the 40D never let me down - not once, not ever.

Sadly, for the 40D anyhow, there is a new kid on the block, the 5D Mark III, so the 40D's time as backup is over. My 5D Mark II will take over the backup role now. I really am sad to sell the 40D it really was a great camera and a really handsome fella too.


Keep shooting.

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