Friday, August 17, 2012

GlobalFest 2012

This year I volunteered for Calgary's GlobalFest as a photographer for the first time. I am on a team of 10 shooters and Thursday was my first night of shooting.

The entire event is held at Elliston Park in the City's southeast. It is a great venue and never having attended before, I was quite surprised to see that many people.

For me, the best part was the fireworks. Each night features a different country's fireworks show coordinated to music. The first night was the Philippines and they put on a wonderful show! Stampede fireworks are great but after seeing the first night of GlobalFest fireworks, the Stampede light show seems more quantity over quality.


When the fireworks show ended, I quickly gathered my gear and began the trek back to my car. The area was thick with smoke and it lender an eerie look to the surroundings. I came across a group of school buses waiting to shuttle attendees to parking and my imagination took off. I plunked down my tripod, quickly composed my shot got in a few pressed of the shutter before the scene changed.

Turns out I got one of my favourite shots of the night.


Keep shooting.

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