Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Go in to the Light...

Today's lunch quest was to find good light and make a picture. You would think that noon, downtown on a clear, bright sunny day would be the worst time to find good light but.... you would be wrong. It's out there, you just have to look.

I took a one day workshop back in July with Parish Kohanim. He spoke emphatically about finding good light - first. At one point Parish took us out of the classroom and in to the common area to seek out the good stuff. Within two minutes he found this amazing patch of light coming through the translucent class ceiling. He called our models over and WOW... I was stunned. What a difference!

Back to today. Downtown, high-noon, bright sunny day amongst all the buildings and skyscrapers. You wouldn't think it but there are many opportunities to find quality light. Shade is the easy answer but I have discovered really impressive light that has been bounced off of few skyscrapers. Maybe it is just a single bounce off of one building or, even better, reflecting off one building to another before dropping on to street level. Now that can be really nice.

After spending most of my lunch surfing the back alleys, I noticed this great patch of light falling on an old bank building. The attractive pillars and background sealed the deal.

Here's the keeper.



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