Friday, October 23, 2009

Art Wolfe

I was fortunate to attend Art Wolfe's keynote presentation tonight as part of the 2009 Digital Photo Expo. The presentation was simply amazing - the photography stunning and Art's insight and humour kept the audience entertained throughout.

Art's passions were ingrained in him early and cultivated throughout his childhood and adolescence. He grew up in Seattle, Washington. His parents worked as wedding photographers and behind their home was a ravine where Art immersed himself in the natural wonders of the forest. An interest in nature, drawing, painting and photography ensued.

You could quickly gather from his presentation that he was passionate about the natural world, its people and its cultures. As he toured us around Asia with his words and photography I was not only impressed by the stories and the pictures, I was amazed at the incredible diversity of peoples that inhabit our delicate planet. What I found truly encouraging was the compassion and generosity displayed by people, who by our standards, have nothing. We are all connected and seeing these images and hearing the stories is a strong reminder of that fact.

I look forward to exploring his website and more of his work. He also does travel workshops, which sound amazing. More about that can be found here.


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