Monday, June 28, 2010

Session with Tyla

I had the good fortunate today to work with Tyla to create some images for her website. The images were yoga-centric and about three quarters were shot indoors on white seamless, as shown by the image below.


The session wound up on the golf course with Tyla demonstrating some stretches for golfers while I snapped the shots. One of my favourites from the golf course is below.


The sun was quickly coming in and out of the clouds during our golf shots and that made keeping exposures in line a bit tricky but for the shot above the sun came out at just the right time. The sun provided fantastic rim lighting on that image,

But I think my favourite shot overall was taken just before packing up from the indoor part of the shoot. As we were getting ready to leave I asked Tyla's kids if they were up for getting their picture taken. Of course, being kids, they were. At this point in the day the ambient was streaming in really strong from camera right but I just seized the moment and the shots were absolutely wonderful.


Her children were there for the whole shoot and they were so patient. Heck, even I'm not that patient. They are two of the nicest, most polite kids you will ever meet.

Great subject, great kids and a really great assistant (thanks Jen) makes for a great day of making great pictures! And, when the session ends with a big smile and a hug you know you must have done something right.

Keep shooting.

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