Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Being Canada Day today I thought it was appropriate to go out and shoot some fireworks pictures.

I knew where the fireworks were being fired from but I didn't exactly know where the best vantage point would be so I guessed. I guessed wrong.


I really expected the fireworks to be up quite a bit higher but nope. I changed lenses half way through but switching to the zoom did not help the situation. The zoom filled more of the frame with fireworks but left out much of the beautiful cityscape. Oh well, Stampede is coming up and there will be fireworks (better in my opinion) for ten continuous nights. I will have plenty of opportunities to get some better shots.

The technical details on the fireworks were pretty straightforward - tripod, manual focus (set at infinity), manual exposure, remote trigger, mirror lockup enabled, tungsten white balance, aperture of f/16 and then pick a suitable shutter speed by checking the LCD. I found that two-seconds at ISO 200 made for pretty good exposures.

I stuck around a little bit after the fireworks and made this composition before packing up and heading home for the night.


Keep shooting.

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