Friday, July 16, 2010

Be Prepared

Be Prepared. I believe that is the motto of the Boy Scouts of America. Well, last night I went to shoot fireworks and I thought I was prepared.

I had done the gear check. Camera? Check. Tripod? Check. Tripod mount? Check. Shutter release cable? Check. OK, I thought, good to go. I knew there was a memory card in my camera and I new my camera was operational because I was taking pictures at lunch time that same day. So off I went.

It was a beautiful night and we decided to combine walking and transit to reach our destination. We got there with plenty of time to spare and I set up the gear and made a few test shots. Things were looking great until I realized that I only had 3% battery left. Doh! It would have taken too much time to go home and return - likely I would have missed the display. So, I decided to press on.

A few preliminary fireworks are sent up during the conclusion of the Stampede Grandstand Show and I took some shots to re-check my settings and prepare for the big finale. When the preliminary fireworks concluded I shut off my camera and waited.

About fifteen minutes the main fireworks began. I flipped on my camera and... and... uh, hello? There was no juice left. The batteries were dead. Sadness followed. Oh well, I got to watch a great fireworks show and did manage to get this one shot for the night.


So I guess my new motto when embarking on a shoot is "be prepared". Not just eighty percent, be one hundred and ten percent prepared!

Keep shooting.

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