Friday, August 6, 2010

Feeling Blue

I just returned from a one week visit to New York City, which included a one day workshop with Joe McNally in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Both the vacation and the workshop were amazing. But now I'm back in my home base of Calgary and I am truly missing the vibrance and excitement of the big city. I'm feeling a little blue.

Last night was my first 365 shot outside of NY in over a week. I didn't have a lot in the tank but I knew it had to be flash and I knew I needed some colour. This is what I ended up with.


I initially started with a red flash coming straight through the front windshield but I wasn't grooving on the look. I switched to blue and moved the flash to the side window, which is where my other flash was, and things started looking good. The blue gel did it.

The shot was taken while there was still plenty of ambient light left in the day but I dialed in an exposure to eliminate all but the subtlest of traces. Then I added a flash to illuminate the interior with just like a streetlight would. The final touch was another flash, gelled blue, to add the edginess I had pictured in my head. Quick and easy.

Keep shooting.

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