Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Making Lemonade...

How does that old saying go? I think it's something like, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Tonight I made some "lemonade".

There was an unusual treat tonight in Calgary. The evening was actually warm for a change and the wind was nominal. Both of those weather characteristics have been rare at best here this "summer" so I thought to myself, perfect conditions for getting a good macro shot.

As soon as I got home tonight I packed up my gear and headed out. I got about five minutes away from my home and it dawned me that I forgot my second most essential piece of gear for shooting macro - my tripod. Grumbling all the way back I grabbed my tripod and and ten minutes later I am setting up at my site.

Even though I brought along flash for the lighting, ambient light was fading fast so I was moving fast to avoid working in darkness. Another five minutes passed and I was ready to go. But no sooner do I snap my first picture and the next problem arises. Mosquitos! Those bastards found me! Now I think I need to make one point clear first here - mosquitos love me. Like, seriously love me. You know how there are people that never get bitten and those that get bitten way too much? Well, I'm the "get bitten way too much" guy. I am all ready to shoot but those little winged devils are already savagely attacking every piece of exposed skin. I am swatting like mad with one hand while the other is working focus and camera controls. It's futile! With ever greater numbers the mosquitos are winning handily.

Eight frames in and I am beaten. I pack up, swatting the whole time and run home.

Back home on my computer I browse the images looking for keepers. They are not terrible but certainly well below what I would call "good". Damn. Now it's late and I still need my 365 shot for today. What do I shoot now? I put down my bowl of cereal ("supper") to put my memory card back in my camera and when I turn around, I see my shot. Hmmm... flowers on the monitor in the background, bowl in the foreground and I like the way the light falls from my desk lamp. I put the viewfinder to my eye to frame my shot and I like it even more. I grab my tripod, set up the camera and knock off a few frames. Good. I fiddle a bit more. I move the spoon to point towards the monitor. I move the light to catch the handle of the spoon where my focus rests. I trip the shutter for a couple more frames. Awesome, I have my picture.


Keep shooting.

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