Monday, August 16, 2010

When the Universe Calls...

You answer.

I was out shooting pictures at lunch today, head down, focused on the task at hand and ignoring all the background chatter. Jen was with me but I could sense that someone else was hovering near.

I tend to ignore the curious observers for the most part, especially the "hey buddy, what are yah shooting?!?" calls from across the street. It's not that I mean to be rude but I am out there concentrating on the task and usually with limited time. If there's a break in the action I am usually happy to engage in friendly chatter.

I continued with the task at hand until I heard someone ask Jen, "is he a freelance photographer?". Ok, now I'm curious. I look up to see an older man with a ball cap snuggly atop his head. He asks me, "are you a freelance photographer?". Sure, I reply. He goes on to tell me that he needs a photographer to come to his house (which is right nearby) to take pictures of some furniture that was damaged while being shipped from out east in order to make an insurance claim. Now at this point I'm thinking to myself, "OK, here we go". I shoot on the street a lot and I have seen and heard my share of crazy tales so I ask politely, "do you have any paperwork?". Happily the man pulls some paperwork out of his bag showing the moving expenses. I don't scrutinize it but it looks legit to me. OK, I ask him for some more details. Pretty simple. Go to his place and take some pictures of the damaged furniture. He even says he will pay me for my time.

I have a soft spot for people who look like they need a bit of help, especially older people, so I agree. We exchange some information and I tell him that I will meet him at his place tomorrow about 12:05PM. He's happy that he has "found his photographer".

I have been making massive changes in my life lately and I have come to believe things happen for a reason. I also believe that the Universe throws you little hints to encourage you to stay the course or perhaps move on. A few weeks ago I decided to move on from my Information Technology career of twenty years and throw my energy in to photography full time. Ever since I made that decision I have had these little encouragements, including the one today.

I have no idea what will take place tomorrow. Something bigger may come of it or it may be nothing more than a small favour for a someone in need. Either way is good but most importantly when the Universe calls, pick up.

Stay tuned for part two.


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