Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Fun, Colourful Session

This past Sunday I had a fantastic shoot with my partner, assistant and number one model - Jen!

It was a whirlwind weekend with two days occupied by a Stock Photography workshop but I was still full of energy and was up for something energetic and radiant. The general idea was to shoot Jen in her new coat and scarf on a yellow (buttercup to be exact) seamless backdrop. I figured the colour combination and especially the scarf would provide a good punch. I was right.


I was loving what I was seeing.

I fired up the iPod to keep the energy high and kept snapping frames. Jen started really getting in to it too and the creativity started to burst forth. Most of the poses I wanted specific looks but as things got going there was more and more experimentation. Jen was throwing out great poses with the scarf and I got some really colourful, fun images like the one below.


What a great time! So much energy and creativity - two things I would love an abundance of for each and every shoot.

Keep shooting.

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