Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am So Pumped!

I had a pretty exciting and lucky week. I had the opportunity to attend two amazing presentations that have restored my vigour and passion.

This could not have come at a better time. The weekend before I just got back from two weeks vacation in Indonesia. I had such a great time there, I felt inspired and came back with ten, 4 gigabyte cards stuffed with great images. But after arriving back at home all those feelings were replaced with overwhelming fatigue and just general feelings of "meh".

Everything changed when I received an email reminding me of The No BS Photo Success Cross-Canada Road Show. Two guys from Sudbury, Ontario - Rob Provencher and James Hodgins - put together a passionate, exciting and in-your-face, no BS approach to running a successful photography studio. And as a bonus, James shared some of his off-camera flash tips and tricks and some of his successful projects. It was the best $37 I spent in a long, long time. You could just feel their passion and energy and thankfully I walked away with a bunch of it too.

To cap off the weekend I attended Brad Wrobleski's Introduction to Stock Photography presentation on Saturday afternoon. Another couple of hours and a few bucks worth of pure gold! Brad makes his living in stock photography and was eager and friendly to share information for those wanting to pursue the same trade. I was so excited about the possibilities and potential that I signed up for his Stock Photography Workshop next weekend. I can't wait!!

What a turnaround for the week. Energy and enthusiasm has bounced back to 100%. I am excited for the days ahead.

Keep shooting.

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