Monday, April 12, 2010

Muffin 2. Steve 0.

I wanted a muffin last Friday. It's the worst muffin day of the week because everyone else on the planet also wants a muffin on Friday. And, lemon poppy seed being the muffin, always sells out early. I was 5 minutes late for work that day. No muffin for Stevie. I checked two locations. No dice. I gave up. I was sad.

Today, Monday, I also wanted a muffin. So much so that I cut back one bowl of cereal to make extra room. Monday is not a huge muffin day. I guess everyone feels fat from a weekend of gorging so they don't want to pack on another muffin. Anyhow, today I was early and not only are there no lemon poppy seed muffins, it appears that my coffee shop has changed their muffin vendor. Nooooo! And, worst of all, it looks like the poppy seed muffin has been stricken from the lineup! Unbelievable.

I have been going to the same coffee shop for years. Maybe as many as five. I always glance at the muffin rack and nearly eighty percent of the time there are no poppy seed muffins. Why? Because they are so darn extra delicious everybody wants one! That's why. However, the rack is always littered with all sorts of second rate muffins with crazy ingredients that people will only take as a last resort to fend off starvation.

So, how is it that you can ditch the best selling muffin of all time? How is it?!? I certainly do not have that answer nor can I discern the logic behind such a brain dead decision.

Good luck coffee shop!

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