Monday, April 26, 2010

Mmmmmmm... Cookies....

Sometimes you're having a bad day and the Universe knows just what to do. It taps a friend on the shoulder and asks them to bake a few cookies for you.

That's just what happened to me today. My friend Celeste made me some cookies and left them for me to pick up before my yoga class tonight. What a nice thought and a yummy treat. Celeste is a friend of mine and co-owner of the most incredible yoga community in all the Calgary, the Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre. She also has a gift at making even the most mundane items look completely amazing. Below is a shot of the bundle of cookies I received tonight.


Simply and beautifully presented. Even better, a quick tug of the ribbon revealed the delicious oatmeal raisin cookies within, fresh from Celeste's kitchen. Mmmmmmmm.


Celeste didn't know I was having a bad day but "something" intervened on my behalf and I got cookies. I don't often contemplate the mysteries of the Universe but it sure is nice when a little magic happens and a bad day becomes a good one.

And that wonderful package of goodness served as the inspiration for today's picture.

Keep shooting.

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